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Face to Face Video and Audio Interaction with Doctors and Specialize Physicians at your place of convenience whilst your medical needs is Addressed

Simple and Quick

Enjoy the user friendliness on Hewale Social App. The time taken to consult a Doctor is quick, simple and at your convenient. Any user who has little or No knowledge about Technology can use Hewale Social Health in no time


Hewale is cloud based which has enormous advantage of being up-to-date with all security features and upgrades. The Data are encrypted and backups are automated so there is no worry of losing any data.


'Hewale' system is one of the numerous solutions developed by ORCONS SYSTEMS LIMITED. It covers all aspects of management and operations of small, medium and large health institutions. It enables healthcare providers to improve their operational effectiveness, reduce cost, reduce medical errors, enhance delivery of quality health care and effective communication between health practitioners and patients.

Take a Look Around our App

“Hewale” Social Health App enables patients seek consultation with a certified physician anywhere, and at any time. The certified physician can operate a virtual clinic any day, from any location both from his/her personal computer or mobile device. The private laboratories, vitals posts and private pharmacies are not left out as they can register online and provide their services to the patients

Download Hewale Social Health mobile App and have access to numerous doctors and specialist online waiting to attend to your health needs without your presence at the Hospital/Clinic.



Enjoy seamless consultation with specialized Physicians via VIDEO, AUDIO and TEXT at your home or office. You can book and consult a Doctor at your own convenience. These consultations are secured and private and You can have access to your medical records anytime and where.


Our team of Doctors administer healthcare with utmost care and professionalism to our cherished customers. We have the best and well experienced Specialists and General Practitioners in diverse fields with a wide range of combined years of health care delivery to take good care of you.


Keep a family folder on Hewale and add a close relation to your Hewale profile. This unique feature helps you to book a Doctor or Consult on behalf of your Parents, Grand-Parents, Children and other relations who are not Tech savvy with just a SWITCH button, Also this help you take care of their medications as well.


This is a complete Hewale Online Pharmacy. Subscribers can purchase prescribed medication and all other health products. Purchased medication will be delivered at your preferred location. Stay home! Order! & lets deliver.


Our courier services provide swift delivery to our customers with professionalism and care. Placing orders has never been so simple. Hewale. Subscribers can order for their prescribed medication and all other pharmaceutical products, and be assured that these will conveniently be delivered at the comfort of their homes or at their preferred location.


Medical Laboratory is essential for effective health care delivery. Doctors may ask Patients to take a laboratory test for further investigation. Patients can either have their samples collected at their convenience by our Laboratory home service specialist and the results uploaded directly to the Doctor for further diagnosis or Patients may get to their preferred laboratory to take up the test.


Hewale Hospital Management System is a complete web based application software designed to help in facilitation of the hospital key operational functions of the entire medical set up. It enables the free and easy flow of information regarding patients, doctors, staff, and hospital administration.

Multiple languages

Hewale is currently equiped with international languages including English,French and Korean languages respectively. Language alter based on country's IP address.For intstance ,if user is in Ivory Coast,the app will automatically switch to French


Enjoy free consultation coupons when you consult a Doctor or Purchase your medication on the App. Users can purchase discounted coupons to benefit from unlimited consultations.

Our Doctors

We get you comfortable to talk to us at your convenience. We respond swiftly and are always available to leverage on our specialty to give you in depth diagnostics for your well-being

Dr. Anita Asabea Okoh



Emmanuel Okoh Annor

General practitioner


Nicholas joppa Mawuena

General practitioner


Ama oluwaseun Vortia

General practitioner


Fredrick Ashie

General practitioner










Frequently Asked Questions

Open google play store or apple app store

Tap on search button

Type Hewale Social Health App

Click on install

Tap on Consultation

Select any Hospital of your choice, a list of doctors available pops up

Select preferred doctor

Make Payment

Select mode of consultation

Begin video, audio or chat consultation with doctor

Select Appointment on dashboard

Select Appointment on dashboard

Tap on + appointment button

Select any Hospital of our choice

Choose preferred Doctor

Choose from available date highlighted

Select Pharmacy

Tap on the buy button

Fill in the given text box with details on medication or select the Tap to Scan module to take a picture

Choose Send

Receive notification for cost of medication

Tap on Pay

Select medium of payment, MOMO or Credit Card

Dial your respective networks USSD code to confirm payment

Select Laboratory

Tap on the listed bar

Select Attach Test Results

You can select either Take Photo, Gallery or Attach Document to choose

Select Send button to send results to doctor

Select Coupons

Select the desired coupon you want to purchaser

Select Buy Now

For Share, Enter Person’s Hewale Number

For Self, Select Whether Mobile Money, Credit Card or Bank Transfer


Hewale goes global. Connect to a Doctor via audio, video and chat in your base country. Connect and enjoy personalized, secured, quality services from pharmacies, Laboratories and other specialist at your convenience


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south America

Hewale Awards

“Hewale” Social Health Wins 2018 West African Healthcare Excellence Award

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